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In the Midst of Tragedy…

Evil seems to be an inesacapable force in the world, but we can overcome evil with good:

Do not be conquered by evil but conquer evil with good. â€“Romans 12:21, NAB

Yesterday, in Newton, Connecticut, a gunman brutally killed 26 innocent children and school employees at an elementary school, as well as his mother who worked at the school, before turning the gun on himself.  As Catholics, how should we react to the situation?

An almost immediate response for many is anger and a thirst for revenge.  Of course, with the shooter dead, there is little vengeance to be had.  Instead, feelings of anger and hatred may be redirected to all of the wrong places as we try to hold someone accountable for what happened.  The world will blame this tragedy on a lack of mental health support, gun control, and a host of other political reasons, but the truth of the matter is that our society’s embrace on a world apart from God led us here.

While the rest of the world is consumed by their anger, we must take a different approach.  We cannot change the evil acts that took place, but we can show the world the need for Christ even more.  If this man had Jesus Christ in his heart, do you think this would have happened?

The world is a sick, twisted, fallen place, but we can do something about it.  Use this as your motivation to evangelize even more.  People are looking for answers – a solution to the world’s chaos – and we have the answer: Jesus Christ.

We cannot change the tragedy that happened in Newton, Connecticut, but we can do our part: we can conquer evil with good.  Now more than ever, we must evangelize a world that desperately needs to see the love of Christ in their lives.  Christ’s love has the power to heal broken hearts and overcome the evil that led this to happen.

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