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New Creations…

At Confirmation, we begin a new phase of our journey:

So whoever is in Christ is a new creation: the old things have passed away; behold, new things have come. -2 Corinthians 5:17, NAB

It is the time of year when many young people are being confirmed into the Catholic Church.  Of course, because this site is focused on those going through RCIA, I have written about the RCIA process and the confirmation of adults before; however, I would like to spend some time speaking about the youth we are now welcoming into our wonderful Church.

For teens completing the confirmation process, they are entering into spiritual adulthood.  They are leaving behind the ways of a child and becoming a new creation as an adult.  Growing up, their parents were responsible for molding their faith.  Now, these young people have to take responsibility for their own spiritual life.

At this stage, these young people will only continue to go to Mass if they choose to go.  For most of their life, they went to Mass because mom and dad told them to, but now, the choice is up to them.  Even if that is delayed a few years until they move out on their own, the decision will eventually be theirs and theirs alone.

As a Church, this is an important time for us to embrace these young people and welcome them into the Church.  Through years of catechetical training, they have been heavily engaged in their faith.  Some, now that they have been confirmed, will not look back, and this is sadly a growing statistic.  Others, however, are still engaged and curious, and they need mentors to help them continue their spiritual journey.

Our goal should be to reach out to the young people in our Church for they are truly our future.  The Light of Christ can only continue to shine in our world if somebody is willing to hold the lamp.  Reach out to the young people in your parish.  Confirmation was not the final destination of their faith; it’s only one more step in the journey.

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