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Long before you were born, the Lord knew you:

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you, a prophet to the nations I appointed you.” -Jeremiah 1:5, NAB

For many Catholics and Christians, abortion is a topic that they shy away from.  They believe that it is only the ultra-conservative Catholics that consider themselves Pro-Life.  Some see it as purely a political issue, and one that they choose not to focus on.  When it comes time to vote, they vote based on economic issues and international relations, instead of voting based on important social issues.  By so many of us turning a blind eye to the topic, our country continues to slide down a very slippery slope.

This week, we remember the horrible injustice that happened in the Roe vs. Wade case.  By that monumental decision, abortion was made legal, and our country began down a very dark path.  Interestingly enough, Jane Roe is now ProLife herself.  Despite her change of heart, since the time of that case, it is now estimated that over 50 million lives have been lost to abortion.

The fundamental question always surrounds when does life begin.  The science of biology teaches us that life begins in the womb, when the sperm fetilizes the egg.  It does not begin at birth, but nine months before.  When the liberal left chooses to hide behind science on so many issues, but then deny science on this all-too-important topic, it shows the ultimate hypocrisy.  Do not let anyone fool you, life begins at conception.

Eventually, when ProChoice supporters realized that science is against them, they turn to pull on our heart strings.  They will ask us to reach out in compassion for the mothers caught in difficult situations.  While I have the utmost love and compassion for them, I feel an even deeper compassion for the unborn child – the one without a voice.  We must be the voice for those children to make sure that they are heard.  We need to be a voice for our families, our Church, and our God, and our voice begins with our vote.

As a charge to all of my fellow ProLifers out there, ensure that you do not condemn or judge those who have turned to abortion.  They have been victims of the society in which we live – the society that condones the death of innocent life.  Instead of rejecting them, accept them for their mistakes, just as God has accepted you.  Turn to them in love and compassion, then help them find their way back into God’s loving arms.

Abortion has impacted so many.  The pain and scars that it leaves behind will last a lifetime, but there is hope.  Through Christ, especially in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Confession, those who have been scarred by the effects of abortion can find peace again.  Through Christ’s mercy, love, and forgiveness, they can begin to piece their lives back together again.

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