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Ask, Seek, Knock

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From the Sermon on the Mount

Beyond turning water into wine, healing the blind, and letting the lame walk, Christ came to share with us the message of the Lord.  Of His teachings, the Sermon on the Mount has to be one of the greatest.  Found in Matthew, Chapters 5 through 7, He shares with us some of the basic tenets of faith.  Here, you can find great quotes, such as the “Golden Rule” (although, Christ never called it that), and this verse:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” – Matthew 7:7

You may have seen this on someone’s bumper sticker or framed in their home.  Often times, you will simply see “Ask, Seek, and Knock.”  But, what does it mean?

Simply put, the Lord wants us to be active in our faith.  He is more than willing to support us in our daily lives, but He wants us to pursue it.

Often times, people will say, “Well, the Lord knows what is on my heart,” and that’s great!  However, He wants us to come to Him.  If we need Him, He wants us to ask Him for help.  If we are looking for answers, He wants us to seek them.  If we run into obstacles and closed doors, He wants us to knock on the door.

At times, we may think that He is not listening.  What do we do next?  When you ask, you should yell.  When you seek, you should look closer.  When you knock, you should bang on the door louder.  Don’t give up.  He is listening.  With a world full of people asking, seeking, and knocking, you may just have to be the loudest one.

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