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Reflections on ‘Courageous’…

Can you honestly say who you will serve?

“As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.”  -Joshua 24:15, NAB

In the movie Courageous, ordinary men are faced with extraordinary challenges.  Of the challenges they face, the greatest challenge they must face is simply being a good father.  With everything else going on in their lives, this is a struggle that they did not always win.

This movie was a great reflection on the challenges that we all face as men.  Being a father is not an easy task; neither is being a husband.  It is only through dedication and hard work that we are truly able to make a difference in our families.

As men, we must be good examples to our families.  We must be the rock and foundation for our wives and children to lean on.  We must show them the path to a strong relationship with Christ Jesus.  The task is enormous, but God gives us the strength to overcome any obstacle.  Our job, if we accept it, is to be the moral standard for our family.

As men, our focus is often on providing for our families financially, but we often neglect their greatest needs – their spiritual needs.  While providing a good home and stable life are commendable, they pale in comparison to providing a home centered around our faith and belief in Jesus Christ.  

Do you lead your family as God has called you to do?  Are you an example of faith, worship, and prayer?  Do you teach your children Scripture and how to pray?  Are you the man God wants you to be?  Are you… courageous? 

Courageous was an excellent movie, and I recommend it for anyone to see, especially men.  It will challenge you to be a better father, husband, and man.  But, I will warn you.  Do not go see this movie if you are not up to the challenge.  Do not go see this movie if you feel that you just are not man enough.

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