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2 Peter 3:13-14

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Without Spot or Blemish…

Our lives should reflect our Christian identity, and we should hold ourselves to a higher moral standard:

“But according to his promise we await new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells. Therefore, beloved, since you await these things, be eager to be found without spot or blemish before him, at peace.” -2 Peter 3:13-14, NAB

The world would be a much better place without sin, but the truth of the matter is that sin exists.  You sin.  I sin.  Priests sin.  Even the pope sins and must go to confession.  Truly, we all fall short.

Since we all sin, how can we possibly be found “without spot or blemish?”  Easy.  That is why we are given the beautiful Sacrament of Confession and Reconciliation.  We may not be able to live a sinless life, but we can confess our sins and realign our lives with Christ once again.

Some people seem to avoid going to confession regularly, and they have a number of different reasons.  One reason some choose not to go is that they do  not see the true beauty of it.  They fail to see the grace it brings to their lives.  Another reason is that some feel ashamed to go to confession.  They become shy.  Listen, no one walks into confession with their head held high, but I can tell you that many leave that way.

A new heaven and a new earth await us, but first we must prepare our soul.  When Christ comes again, we want to be spotless.  We are stained with our sin, but Confession is the ultimate stain remover.  Stop being shy and find your way to Confession.  Not next week, or next month, or next year, but now!  It’s an important part of our Catholic life, and one that we should not take for granted.

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