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2 Peter 1:13-15

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Our Lasting Impact…

When you leave this earth, what impact will you leave behind?

“I think it right, as long as I am in this ‘tent,’ to stir you up by a reminder, since I know that I will soon have to put it aside, as indeed our Lord Jesus Christ has shown me. I shall also make every effort to enable you always to remember these things after my departure.” -2 Peter 1:13-15, NAB

What Peter meant by “tent” did not immediately come to me.  Thanks to the NAB Bible provided by the Vatican, and its footnotes, I was able to put it together.  Peter, when speaking of his tent, is actually talking about his life.  His goal, then, is to talk of the legacy he will leave behind.

Peter accepted death.  He knew that it was a reality that he could not escape, but he did not seem to fear it.  Instead, he seemed to embrace it with open arms and accept the fate that the Lord had already set for him.  How well do we accept our fate?

Accepting his fate, Peter’s real focus was on the impact he could leave on his fellow Christians.  He did not waste time worried about his inevitable death, and he used his time to ensure that he was leaving a lasting impact.  Through his teachings and life’s example, he could be sure that Christ’s message would continue to spread long after he was gone.

No one knows when his or her time will come.  Life can be pretty unpredictable in that way, and we should not assume anything.  So, while we are here, are we making sure that we are leaving a lasting impression.  Peter’s impact continues to thrive today as the first pope, but even if we do not have the same impact, we can still have an impact in the world in which we live.

Spreading Christ’s message is not a task for the few, but for the many.  As Christians, we are all called to share in the lasting impact of Christ’s love for the world.  Instead of worrying about what impact we will have as individuals, we must see how we are one small part of the larger impact that Catholicism, Christianity, and our Lord have on the world.

We are only given a short time here on this earth; let’s make sure that we make the most of every moment.  In everything we do, let us help leave a lasting impression of the beauty of the Catholic faith and the grace, love, and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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