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2 Peter 1:10-12

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Never Stumble…

If you never want to stumble, you have to pay attention to where you’re going:

“Therefore, brothers, be all the more eager to make your call and election firm, for, in doing so, you will never stumble. For, in this way, entry into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ will be richly provided for you. Therefore, I will always remind you of these things, even though you already know them and are established in the truth you have.” -2 Peter 1:10-12, NAB

Walking down the street, we often do not pay attention to where we are going.  We never stop to look at our feet to see where our feet land with each step.  But eventually, we will stumble on a bump in the sidewalk or a step up that we did not see.  Only then do we begin to pay attention.  Unfortunately, that is when everyone else seems to pay attention as well.

Where we are walking often changes how attentive we are as well.  A casual stroll down the street requires less attention than a hike through the woods.  When we are walking through the dense forest with tree limbs, rocks, and other obstacles, we are much more careful when we walk, but, when the path goes smooth, that is when we stop paying attention again.  That is also when we are likely to trip on the obstacle that we never expected.  Regardless of how smooth the path may seem, we should always pay attention.

Like walking, our faith can start to become something that we do not think about.  We start to walk through life on autopilot, and we stop paying attention to where we are going.  We don’t stop to look where we are going, and we don’t pay attention to each step.  Eventually, by not actively paying attention to our faith, we may stumble unexpectedly.

At the difficult times of life, when life presents its obstacles, our faith often comes to the forefront of our minds.  We not only pay attention to it, but we use it to guide us through the dense forest of troubles.  Eventually, the path of life will begin to get easier, but we cannot lose sight of our faith.  Even on the smoothest path, we must continue to allow our faith to guide our every move.

Are you paying attention to where your life and faith are taking you?  Do you watch each step you take closely?  If you do not, you will eventually stumble.  But, if you pay attention to where you are going, faith will help you navigate any terrain.  From a casual stroll to a hike through the thickest forest, faith will help you get where you are going.

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