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1 Peter 5:7

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Comfort in Jesus…

When life begins to overwhelm you:

“Cast all your worries upon (Jesus) because he cares for you.”  -1 Peter 5:7, NAB

Life can be difficult.  Life itself is one of the greatest blessings that we receive, but that does not mean that it is always easy.  Even some of the best things in life can bring their share of stress (just ask anyone who has ever planned a wedding), but when life starts to get you down, give all of your worries to Jesus.

Some may feel that this is one of the most basic things to do as a Christian.  Why would I spend time covering it?  Because, evidently, we are all pretty bad at it.  Day in and day out, do we consistently give our worries over to Jesus?  When life begins to stress us out, do we give it to Him, or do we try to overcome it on our own?  

Others might say that God has better things to do than worry about my little problems.  God may be pretty busy answering all of our prayers, but there is no problem too small to take to Him.  He loves to hear from you, no matter why you may be calling.  Take even your smallest prayers, with confidence, to Christ, and I promise that the Lord will listen.

Lately, life has been a bit overwhelming.  I have had so much going on that it is difficult to keep up with it all.  For the most part, it is all good things and blessings in my life.  Yet, my busy schedule can be a bit stressful, and life can be a little overwhelming.  It is at those times that I give all of my worries and stress over to God.  I trust Him to comfort me when I need it most.  I look to Him for the strength to stay positive and motivated.  I know that He will help me pull through.

There is no escaping stress and worry.  They are a natural part of life, and we must learn to deal with it.  Many learn how to deal with it on their own, and they may be successful at it, for a time.  But trust me, to truly overcome the worries in your life, give them over to Jesus.  Jesus loves you, and He will be there for you.

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