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1 Peter 5:11

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God’s Kingdom…

In this simple end to a prayer, we can find a deeper truth:

“To him be dominion forever. Amen.”  -1 Peter 5:11, NAB

The deeper truth that I am speaking of is God’s dominion over heaven and earth.  Without fail, most of us acknowledge His kingdom in heaven, but we often forget that He is also the ruler of our lives here on earth.  We get so caught up in being the ruler of our own lives that we forget that it is only by His gift of free will that we have any authority at all.

For those who are new to faith, or just now returning, allowing God to be the sovereign ruler of our lives can be one of the most difficult things we can do.  Although God has given us free will to make our own choices, His hope is that we will then use that free will to give our lives back over to Him.  So, instead of having loyal subjects that bow to Him because they have to be, the Lord hopes that we will be loyal because we choose to be.

When we take a look at history, kings and rulers that forced their sovereign authority onto the people often faced upheaval.  The people may follow the king out of fear, but they usually look for every chance to rebel.  We do the same to the King of Kings.  Some rebel because they fear God and His almighty power, but God hopes that we will not rebel.  By giving us freedom, He hopes that we will stop rebelling and come home to Him.

If He wanted to, God could come down and take complete control over His kingdom here on earth, but He chooses not to.  Not yet, anyway.  We continue to rebel against Him, but He waits for us patiently.  We live our lives as if we have dominion over them, but He loves us anyway.

One day, the Lord will again set up His kingdom here on earth, but until that day comes, we are given the choice to follow Him.  We can choose what has dominion over us.  Is it our career?  Our lust?  Our search for status and power?  Do we feel that we have dominion over our own lives?  Until we can answer these questions, we will be lost.  We must not let any of these things be the ruler of our lives.  We are giving our lives over to them, but it is not our life to give in the first place.  When we realize that, we can finally start to make progress.

We have a loving God who could rule over us with an iron fist.  Instead, He rules with open arms and a loving embrace.  Let go of the things that rule over your life now and separate you from the King of Kings.  Give dominion of your life over to God, whose kingdom will last forever.

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