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1 Peter 5:10

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Restored by Faith…

We may face trials, but we will be lifted up once again:

“The God of all grace who called you to his eternal glory through Christ (Jesus) will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you after you have suffered a little.”  -1 Peter 5:10, NAB

The fantastic lesson from today’s verse is that Christ will not simply deliver you from your trials, but He will restore your life.  In fact, He will not only restore your life, but He will also strengthen you as well.  He will confirm the value of your faith and reestablish you at an even better place than you were before.  Trials may seem insurmountable at the time, but they will eventually lead to a life that we could never have imagined before.

In Christ, we have hope for a better tomorrow.  No matter how bleak things may seem today, He will deliver us from our suffering.  Time and time again, we have read in the New Testament  how we are to be purified by the refiner’s fire through our sufferings.  The goal of that purification is so that we can one day share more fully in the glory of heaven.  And, that refinement process does not only make you more pure than before, but it also ensures that you will be stronger than before.

Overcoming trials is a topic that I have covered more than once before, and the message is still the same.  For WakingUpCatholic.com, whose sole purpose is to help those seeking a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith, many of you have come here because of the trials you are currently suffering because, unfortunately, most people do not seek God until they are struggling.  When life is going well, we tend to lift ourselves up.  When life is not going well, that is when we finally turn to God for Him to lift us up.  Rest assured, no matter what reason you come to Him, Christ is glad that you did.

There is hope in your suffering.  Tomorrow can always be better.  Let go of the trials and suffering you are facing and grab on to Jesus.  He is holding out His hand – waiting for you to share your life with Him.  Christ does not want to see you suffer; He wants to restore you beyond anything you could ever imagine.

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