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1 Peter 4:8

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Love Conquers All…

As Christians, love should rule our emotions:

“Above all, let your love for one another be intense, because love covers a multitude of sins.”  -1 Peter 4:8, NAB

Love is the center of our Christian faith.  Everything that we do should be down out of love – love for God and love for our neighbors.  At the same time, it is God’s amazing love for us that led Christ to the cross at Calgary.  Without love, we would lose our identity as Christians.

There are times when we will hurt or upset other people.  Rightfully so, they may be angry or upset with us because of the mistakes and choices we have made that have impacted them in a negative way.  We can apologize to them over and over again, but they may struggle to forgive us.  Their anger builds a wall between the two of us, and it is only love that can bring it down.

When people are upset at us for the things we have done, we cannot return anger for anger.  If we hurt them, we must own up to our mistakes.  Their anger is justified; ours is not.  Instead of being upset with them for being angry with us, we should do everything we can to repair what we have broken.  By our loving actions, we can begin to repair those relationships.  Even when we do not feel that we did anything wrong, we can put the pieces of our relationships back together simply with love.

Love does not only cover our sins, but it can cover the sins of others as well.  There are times when others have sinned against us, or even the world.  Their choices and actions have led them away from a life of grace. They may not share the same love for God that we do, but our love as an example can help to change all of that.  When we show others love, we are showing them Christ.  They may not accept it at first, but love has a way of breaking down barriers.

Sometimes, we may want to push sinners out of our lives.  As our faith grows, we will begin to separate ourselves from the crowd.  Others will challenge and attack us, even our closest friends and family, and it is the strength of your faith that upsets them.  However, we should not distance ourselves from these people unless they are causing us to stumble.  Rather, we must return our love for their anger.  We must show them the love of Christ if we ever want them to help change their ways.

Love is an amazing thing.  It is more powerful and life-changing than we realize.  The things we do out of love may have a deeper impact than we realize, even if we cannot see the results at first.  Love will bring forgiveness to a damaged relationship.  Love can help bring others back to Christ.  Love can do almost anything.  So, in all that you do, “let your love for one another be intense.”

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