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1 Peter 3:13

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Nothing to Fear…

With Christ in our life, we have nothing to fear:

“Now who is going to harm you if you are enthusiastic for what is good?”  -1 Peter 3:13, NAB

Hope.  It is the center of our faith, and it comes pouring out in our lives through the grace of Jesus Christ.  The Holy Spirit fills our lives and forces out the evil.  When our life is centered and focused on the Lord, we have nothing to fear, but we have everything to hope for.

One of man’s greatest fear is death, but as a Christian, not even death should scare us.  Personally, people give me a hard time for my fearless attitude towards death.  Do I want to die?  No, I simply want the Father’s will for my life.  Am I afraid to die?  No, why would I be?  If we have hope for an eternal life in heaven, there should be nothing for us to hold onto here.

Today’s verse is all about your mind set.  Peter is not saying that people will not try to harm you if you are doing good.  Instead, what harm can anyone do to you if you have God in your life?  Even if they try to physically harm you, does that separate you from Christ?  If they attempt to cause problems in your career, finances, or social status, will that force you further from God?  At the most extreme, if they try to take your life, does that shake your faith in the Lord?  It shouldn’t.  

There is nothing any person can do to separate you from the Lord.  Well, there is one person.  You!  Only  you can separate yourself from God by the choices you make.  No matter what you face in this life, no matter what opposition you meet, Christ will always be by your side.  Will you always stay by His?

Keep Christ at the center of your life, and you will have nothing to fear.  There is nothing this world can bring, including death, that can cause us any real harm.

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