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1 Peter 2:16

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Free Will…

How we use our freedom says a lot about who we are:

“Be free, yet without using freedom as a pretext for evil, but as slaves of God.”  -1 Peter 2:16, NAB

One of the greatest gifts that God has given us is free will.  We are free to make our own choices in life without Him forcing His will upon us.  While this is truly a blessing, we can quickly make it our curse.  If we do not use our free will in obedience with God, it will quickly separate us from Him, and our lives will lose their true focus – Christ.

Slavery is a problem that took the United States centuries to overcome.  In the rest of the world, slavery continues to be a problem in many countries.  The Western world has begun to take our freedom for granted, and we do not truly appreciate what we have.  Our life belongs to us, and we have the freedom to do with it as we choose.

Our freedom often leads us to poor choices.  We use our free will to live immoral lives, and we have turned into a culture that indulges in its desires.  In a sense, we have become a slave to our wants and desires, and our lives get turned over to the world.  If we want to truly escape this life, we must find a better path.

We give our lives over to our desires, but we should take the alternate route.  Why be slaves to our wants and desires when we could give our lives over to Christ instead.  When we decide to follow God’s will, we become slaves of Christ.  We may be giving up our freedom here, but we will be gaining ultimate freedom in heaven.  We may not have all of our desires in this world, but we will have more than we could ever desire in heaven.

Slavery is still a major issue in many countries.  In Western society, we are blessed to not face this problem, and we have a freedom that we often take for granted.  Let’s be aware of the freedoms we have, but then place them on the altar of the Lord.

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