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1 Peter 2:11

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War Against the Soul…

The battle rages on:

“Beloved, I urge you as aliens and sojourners to keep away from worldly desires that wage war against the soul.”  -1 Peter 2:11, NAB

If you regularly read these daily Bible verses, you have heard my warnings against the ways of the world.  But, why is it something that I have repeated time and time again?  There are two reasons.  One, it is repeated over and over in the New Testament, and as we study, we will hear similar verses.  Two, because I feel that it is just that important.

While we studied 1 Corinthians, Paul mentioned the war against the desires many times, and it was a teaching that he truly wanted to drive home.  As the first Christians, Paul, Peter, and the rest of the Apostles were teaching their followers a completely new way to live.  For many of them, the Christian way of life was vastly different than the way they lived before.  His teaching against worldly desires, then, was to help them on their journey toward a new life in Christ.

Obviously, if the Apostles of the Church found this teaching to be important, then we should hold it in high regard as well.  Personally, I feel very strongly about separating ourselves from the world.  Everyday, we are bombarded with imagery and media that will only serve to turn us away from our Creator.  While we cannot escape it altogether, we must remain vigilant at all times.  As soon as we begin to let our guard down, the world begins to creep in.  In no time at all, we begin to drift away from the teachings of Christ and drift closer to the ways of the world.

I urge you to be mindful of the world for one reason, because I can speak from personal experience how the world can pull you away from God.  My faith was strong, so I thought.  I had it all figured out, so I thought.  Nothing could separate me from the Lord, so I thought.  Without me realizing it, the world creeped its way into my life, and I slowly began drifting away.  It was not something that happened in an instant; it was a slow, gradual process.  Only years later did I realize how far I had drifted.  Imagine falling asleep in a boat by the shore, and then waking up in the middle of the ocean.  You don’t know where you are, or how you got there.  You’re lucky if you even have a compass, map, or paddles to find your way home.

Do not take  your faith for granted.  Do not assume that because your faith is strong now that it will remain strong forever.  Faith is a muscle that we have to exercise on a daily basis.  If we fail to exercise our faith, we will surely grow weaker, and as we become weaker, we will begin to drift away.  Keep your head in the game and your life focused on Christ.

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