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1 Corinthians 3:1-3

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Infants in Christ

Moving on to Chapter 3 in 1 Corinthians, Paul reprimands the church in Corinth for their weakness:

“Brothers, I could not talk to you as spiritual people, but as fleshly people, as infants in Christ. I fed you milk, not solid food, because you were unable to take it. Indeed, you are still not able, even now, for you are still of the flesh.”  -1 Corinthians 3:1-3, NAB

Paul chastises them for not letting go of the flesh.  They are so caught up in this world that they are not ready for what the spiritual world has to offer.  This holds true for us today.  If we do not let go of this world, we are not ready to hear the deeper spiritual truths that the Church is teaching us; instead, we only hear baby talk.  Imagine when someone uses baby talk when talking to a newborn.  They speak in simple words, and they even use a different tone of voice.  Now, in our lives, imagine that the priest is standing at the pulpit, and all you can hear is him talking to you like a newborn child.  Picture him standing at the altar using a baby voice and saying, “Jesus loves you.  Yes, He does.  Yes, He does.  Coochie, oochie, coo…”  Embarrassing, isn’t it?  To overcome our spiritual infancy, the first step is letting go of this world.  As Catholics, our focus should be on Christ, not on the world around us.  All of us will be spiritual infants at some point, but how long we stay infants is up to us.  Some will stay infants their entire lives, and they will fail to ever fully grasp the true beauty of our faith.  Others will quickly mature into spiritual adults – leaving behind this world and embracing everything that comes through the Holy Spirit.  Whether you are a fresh graduate of RCIA or a Catholic by birth, how do you measure your spirituality?  Are you an infant, or are you an adult?

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