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1 Corinthians 11:11-12

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Man and Woman…

What is so important about the relationship between a man and a woman?  We were made for each other:

“Woman is not independent of man or man of woman in the Lord. For just as woman came from man, so man is born of woman; but all things are from God.”  -1 Corinthians 11:11-12, NAB

In recent topics, we have discussed that men are the head of the household and whether or not women should wear veils at Mass and during prayer.  While some of these views are often misconstrued as being chauvinistic, today’s verse that follows shows how even the early Church fathers saw men and women as different but mutually dependent upon each other.

A society that disregards the value of either man or woman is one that will always be in peril.  We must respect each other for the different gifts we bring to the table.  Many cultures have muted the voice of women, and they are often run by power-hungry, lust-driven men.  At the same time, the Western culture seems to have lessened the importance of the father in the home; this can be as equally damaging.

For our society to function, we must learn to see how vital both men and women are.  In our personal relationships, we must lift each other up and learn to value each other’s gifts.  Yet, as high as we may lift each other up, we must come together, men and women alike, to lift up our God.  He must be at the center of our relationships.  With a respect and adoration for each other, and a reverence for our Lord, we can find new meaning in our lives together as man and woman.

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