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RCIA – Becoming Catholic

We All Have Our Reasons

Are you considering becoming Catholic? What has led you to that decision?  We all choose to explore Catholicism for our own personal reasons, but we can share in the same journey.  Here are some common reasons people join the Catholic Church through the RCIA process:

  • Raised Catholic, but never completed Confirmation
  • Married into the Catholic Church
  • Led to faith by friends or family
  • Some enjoy the Catholic Traditions
  • Disenchanted with other denominations

Why Become Catholic?

Becoming Catholic

Like I said, we all have our reasons.  But, there a number of great reasons for taking a deeper look at the Catholic faith.  For me personally, there were a number of reasons that really led me to the Catholic faith.  As a long-time Christian, I was not new to the Christian faith, and I thought I understood Catholic beliefs.  What first led me to the Catholic Church was the amazing community.  The beauty of the Catholic Church is that there is a “oneness” amongst Catholics that I have not experienced anywhere else.  As I have traveled around the country, I have visited a number of Catholic parishes.  At each parish, it amazed me how welcomed I felt.  It was a community like none other.

Being someone who enjoys diving into the depths of his faith, I have found the history of the Church to be inspiring as well.  For instance, the papacy can be traced all the way back to St. Peter himself.  When Christ said that He would build His Church with Peter as its rock, that continues today with Pope Benedict XVI.  Like any organization, the Catholic Church has seen its share of ups and downs, but it remains today as one of the world’s greatest institutions.

Coming from a Christian background that included more modern worship, I was not always so keen on the traditional Catholic Mass, but, as I learned more about the Mass, I began to see its beauty.  Since becoming Catholic, I have learned to appreciate the beauties in the Mass, and all of the Catholic Sacraments.  Some say that the Catholic Church is old-fashioned; I say that the Catholic Church holds fast to the same beliefs that it has held for centuries.  It refuses to pander to modern society.

Whatever your personal reasons may be, I am sure that God put them on your heart for a reason.

The RCIA Process

As an adult, one needs to go through the RCIA process.  RCIA offers the classes and training to help you become Catholic, and become a better Christian.  Beyond simply taking classes, the RCIA program was meant to stretch your faith and challenge your misconceptions.  It is a time of fasting, prayer, and deep study.  Sure, you can simply go through the motions, but, what would be the point in that?

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